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Want to learn how to design and send stunning business visiting cards?

Visiting cards include a person’s name, phone no, Email address, and other details and may be fewer details of the company. It is a small which is used for social purposes. Use of a visiting card is to let someone know that another person is coming to their home for a visit. A visiting card comes in so many different sizes for different categories.

In this blog we will demonstrate how easy it is to design visiting cards and send them out with bells and whistles.

So, let's create a visiting card in easy steps.

My name is Emily Holt and below I show you how to create a visiting card just in one tap.

1) I am choosing this template form list to make my visiting card.

2) Customize your card with background change, you can insert an image as a background or change color.

3) Add necessary text. If you want to change font style, then you can change from the below given menu.

4) If you want to add your business logo on a visiting card, go to our category list and there in the logo maker category you can create your brand logo and add it in your visiting card.

5) You can add a QR Scanner, so people can easily scan your social media profile and find you out.

6) Now, finalize your design and You have your own created visiting card.

You can share your creativity with others and recommend them to them. Show how you create your own visiting card without any professional skill and without use of a computer just from your phone just in tap.

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