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Easy Ways to Convert Your ideas into Creative Graphics Without Professional Skills

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Thinking about to design attractive logo for your business? Want to create Class Schedule and presentation for your class in easy way? Need eye-catching Instagram stories and posts and make your friends jealous? Looking for Creative YouTube Thumbnails for your blogs and videos? Seeking for designer visiting card for yourself? Are you searching for conspicuous photo book? Want an attractive photo collage?

You can make these things just in one click from your mobile device with Graphics Design App. You just need two bright eyes that recognizes colors, and idea of creativity. Most Important and good thing is that you do not need to start from scratch. Because we have 2000+ creative templates. So, just pick a template and be creative.

· Glimpse of what you get in our Graphics Design app.

- 2000+ templates in different categories.

- Quick and easy customizable templates without any skills. You can make your own creation.

- You can resize templates in different ratio.

- Make YouTube thumbnail and social media post just in one click.

- Add, Change, or remove background with multiple options.

- Vast collection of different font type available and make your text creative.

- Remove unwanted layers option available.

- Text art, you can edit this with resize art, change color, with our nudge option you can move text art left, right, up, down easily.

- Large collection of stickers available. Add them on templates.

- You can add Graphics in your template to make your template creative.

- Add a GIF Video to make your template funny.

- Add music and Image of your choice.

- You can create and customize logos in different categories.

- Create presentation and schedule your timetable for your school students.

· Upcoming Features

- PDF Exports

- High Resolution print export

- Slideshow Movies

- More education templates

- Text Animation

- Edit templates from website

· Our Categories

- Logo Maker

Do you need logos for your business and brand? Do you have no clue about that how to make a reasonable business logo in a straightforward manner? Come here and look over a lot of layouts from Graphics Design to get motivation. A huge number of symbols, many text styles and integral assets will assist you with tweaking splendid logos without any problem. You do not need to figure out how to plan, you should simply pick and snap. That is so natural! Just like Canva.

- Instagram Stories and Posts

Need more likes, remarks, and supporters? Wonderful Instagram Stories ought to be a vital piece of your procedure. Utilize a format from Graphic Design’s Instagram Story supervisor and the remarks will begin coming in—from "How could you make that?!" to praises on your plan abilities.

Graphic Design’s Instagram Story creator permits you to browse a huge number of formats to add tone, energy, and character to your posts.

Investigate many photographs, pictures, delineations, symbols, and different illustrations. Add stickers and shapes. Pick an interesting shading plan and text style. Utilize the vitalize device to add some development.

- School Presentation

Probably the most ideal approaches to get understudies utilizing innovation in your study hall is through introductions. Regardless of what the subject, making vivid slideshows and connecting with materials assists understudies with making themselves clear and allows them to learn best practices for utilizing programming to assist them with getting sorted out their contemplations.

A huge variety of symbols, graphics, text fonts, text arts, make it different from canva, you can use multiple color in different slides. Add music to your slides from your phone or use featured music. You can resize your slide from the resize option.

- Class Schedule

School schedules are immensely important for a variety of motivation. The Schedules Helps Students to know when and where class is scheduled. A flawless schedule set up a natural rhythm and routines for students as well as teachers. Most Important reason to create schedule is developing routine for all students and staff.

Now Schedule class just in one clock with our Graphic Design App. No skills required. Just pick templates and create. Huge collection of templates is available as well as you can make your custom templates according to your choice with picking background, Colors, Images, Fonts, Font style, graphics, stickers.

- Photo Book

We take photos to create memories and remind Ourselves of feeling. Creating photobook is one of the best opportunities to add photos that you love. It’s chance to record history of family, Friends, and other Special ones.

You can create a charming photobooks and stories that capture memories and store them safely for your future generation with their names and different fonts and text arts. Even you can add stickers and gifs with our Graphic design app just in one click.

- Visiting Card

A Visiting card is a paper card with person’s identity and include company’s name and logo with fewer details. You can create this using graphic design app with ready to use templates, And you can customize by yourself and add your creativity in it. If you want to add logo in your card just go to our logo category and there you can create logo by yourself.

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